Homeopathic HCG weight loss spray

Get HCG online Ed and Jennifer McNair lose 110 pounds using HCG diet. This segment documents how they lost the weight. After the first round, Jennifer lost 50 pounds, going from a size 14 to a size 4. Ed dropped 60 pounds, going from 280 to 220 pounds. HCG reduced the hunger cravings and Ed called it a "Miracle".
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What is Homeopathic HCG and how does it work?

Homeopathic HCG Spray is a Homeopathy form of medicine. It takes the unique electrical signature (Quantom entanglement) of any substance you want to use, and traps it into a base liquid which is sprayed on the roof of the mouth or if using drops, it’s taken sublingually under the tongue.

Why use Homeopathic HCG Spray?

  • Homeopathic HCG can help control your hunger.
  • Homeopathic HCG Spray resets your hypothalamus so that your weight loss is long term.
  • HCG drops can help re-sculpt your body by tightening up skin when weight is lost.
Early History

When Simeons first began using the hormone, underdeveloped boys were given several hundred international units, delivered twice a week. A few discoveries were made by Dr. Simeons as a result of these injections. The first being that small, daily doses were just as effective as much larger ones given twice a week.

Patients began to lose their large appetite, without being on a restrictive diet. Simeons also noticed that the boy’s body shapes began to change. Simeons
believed that this was due to abnormal deposits of fat moving away from the hips and becoming available to the body to burn off. This new source of fuel could then be used in replace of food, which answered the question of why the boys were not as hungry, even when their diets became restricted.

Simeons points out that the addition of the HCG injections seemed to have no harmful effects. Patients were able to go about their normal days on only 500 calories per day and began to lose an average of a pound per day. This made it clear to Simeons that the body was transitioning to using up abnormal fat instead of the usual normal fat reserves.

Homeopathic HCG spray diet is followed for 6 weeks. If you have more to lose, you go off the diet and HCG for a month to 6 weeks before starting up again for another 6 weeks. You repeat as many cycles as you want until you get to the desired weight.

Some Benefits of HCG Hormone


  • Simeons’ research revealed a connection with diabetes, and the ability to lower a diabetic patient’s blood sugar each day, often reaching normal levels in 2-3 weeks.
  • Rheumatic pains can also decrease within a few days of HCG treatment, and allows patients to interrupt prolonged cortisone treatment. This interruption is key due to the disadvantages and negative effects associated with prolonged cortisone treatment.
  • High cholesterol has also been seen to decrease with the introduction of HCG helping to lower overall blood pressure.
  • HCG usage has been proven to help patients with gout pain, even if levels of blood uric acid are increasing during treatment.
  • The overall lowering of blood pressure was also a significant discovery when it came to the use of HCG. When a woman with high blood pressure became pregnant, her blood pressure would often drop quickly, before slowly increasing once again after pregnancy. However, studies showed that their blood pressure never got back up to the same levels it was at before pregnancy.


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