20 Worst Drinks

While on the HCG Diet Here is a list of drinks that you need to avoid. This is not a complete black list. If your desired drink is not in this list then check to see if contains sugar. Find out how many calories it contains. You need to keep 500 calories a day in mind. If your drink contains Splenda, Sweet and Low, or artificial sweeteners then avoid them they are a large contributing factor as to why your need to follow this HCG diet protocol in the first place .

Stevia is a sweetener That is allowed with HCG Diet

And Yes Snapple green tea is on this list

1 Worst Beverage in America
2 Worst Smoothie
3 Worst Drive-Thru Shake
4 Worst Frozen Mocha
5 Worst Frozen Fruit Drink
6 Worst Float
7 Worst Margarita
8 Worst Frozen Coffee Drink
9 Worst Hot Chocolate
10 Worst Lemonade
11 Worst Espresso Drink
12 Worst Juice Imposter
13 Worst Functional Beverage
14 Worst Kids' Drink
15 Worst Soda
16 Worst Beer
17 Worst Energy Drink
18 Worst Bottled Tea
19 Worst Water
20 Worst Bottled Coffee
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