Optimal Level of a Glycoprotein

Back in the 1950’s, a British doctor stationed in India made a revolutionary discovery. It was possible to target fat, preserve muscle, and rapidly lose weight, comfortably, without starving yourself.

Dr. Simeons found the key was the optimal level of a glycoprotein, naturally found in the body, that triggers fat loss when following a specific diet.

Dr. Simeons successfully treated thousands of people over the next couple of decades with his diet protocol at his practice in Rome, while he carefully analyzed how various foods affected results.

In the 1970’s he published his findings in the groundbreaking book: “Pounds & Inches: A New Approach to Obesity” which you can download for free from this page.

Doctors from all over the world who read Dr. Simeons book came to Rome to see how he was so successful treating obesity.

Many of these doctors were from the United States and they returned to the US and opened Weight Loss clinics using their own variations of Dr. Simeons’ diet protocol.

Ads in newspapers started appearing in the 70’s for ‘fast weight loss’. Unfortunately, the protocol that Dr. Simeons spent decades perfecting had been modified, causing mixed results.

These doctors failed to heed Dr. Simeons’ warning about making variations in his diet protocol which he spent DECADES testing and refining in his own clinic.

Therefore, over time, Dr. Simeons’ Protocol disappeared from the scene.

In the late 90’s, an author named Kevin Trudeau re-introduced the world to Dr. Simeons’ diet protocol with his best-selling book “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”.

Suddenly the Simeons’ Protocol Diet became hot again, but there were 2 problems:

First, Dr. Simeons’ Protocol requires daily injections of a pharmaceutical which is only available by prescription, unless you obtain it illegally.

Secondly, the weight loss clinic may not be adhering to the original Simeons’ protocol.

To solve these problems, TrimYou started in 2009 as the first and only Certifying Organization for weight loss clinics that were following Dr. Simeons’ original Protocol.

Around the same time, a homeopathic version of the pharmaceutical hit the market and people started doing Dr. Simeons’ Protocol without a prescription of hormone injections, and without the steep price of a weight loss clinic.

These homeopathic versions of the pharmaceutical were actually illegal and were labeled and marketed in a way that caught the attention of the FDA and FTC.

Like most people, we didn’t believe switching out the prescription pharmaceutical for a homeopathic substitute would work.

We set out to prove it wouldn’t work and we documented the results.

TrimYou found a FDA-regulated manufacturer that is also certified kosher and organic. Together we set out to produce a test batch of our TrimYou ‘homeotherapeutic’ oral spray.

Because of our unique ‘magnetic remanence’ process, TrimYou Spray is legal without a prescription and it’s the most potent version available.

We ended up proving ourselves wrong: It really was possible to get great results with Dr. Simeons’ Protocol using a homeotherapeutic version of the pharmaceutical.

We have been selling TrimYou Spray on our website since 2009 and we have a 99+% customer satisfaction rate and 99+% success rate with our product.

There are over 30,000 satisfied TrimYou Spray customers that have collectively lost over 1 million pounds.

Try it yourself Risk Free – we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

And think about this: Over the course of 1 round of Simeons’ Protocol, just 43 days, you’ll save more money on food than the cost of a bottle of TrimYou Spray. It pays for itself!

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